MY WAY 17 The governor trying to “idiotize”the people of Florida

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 It is with disbelief but without doubt that you can expect our governor to think the people of Florida are idiots. This governor has now decided to convince us that he is some kind of health savior and is putting at risk the lives of many for his own political gain. He has told our poor and underprivileged that he will not expand health insurance through Medicaid even though the federal government is paying almost entirely for the plan.

I don’t know; can you believe a governor that was part of a hospital fraud of millions of dollars? Can you believe a governor who “purchased” the elections in order to win? Can you believe a governor that wanted to impose drug testing, benefiting him economically?  No wonder we need a reform in our health systems, people like him are the ones that are running up the tab and benefiting economic interests like pharmaceutical companies and others. We definitely needed something as a starting point to reform the abuse of the health system to those that can’t afford to make them more profitable. One thing is to be profitable and another is to steal.

The time has come for health reform and the time has come for the near minded people like the Governor of Florida to understand that in no way form or circumstance you can treat the people of Florida like idiots. Your record of doing NOTHING for the poor and disenfranchised of this state speaks for itself. I am sure that, in the same way you wish the President be a one term President, a lot of people hope and are working to make you a one term Governor.

Please show some respect. It’s the least you can do.

See you next week.

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