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Welcome! We start another journalistic adventure through Radiomqm.com. Every Monday, we will present an editorial which, in our opinion, is about our world, country, state and our community. As always…. we “call them as we see them “.  Your comments are always welcome and we hope that everyone gets involved in this conversation. Like what we do at our station, our writings will be in Spanish and English. Thanks for joining us in this new step….


Local politics, national and worldwide has become the people’s right to choose a person to represent us through the sale of positions to enrich a few regardless of the vote of the people. Everything is a sale of souls to the candidate. Example … 47% of members of Congress got there with no money and are now millionaires, political campaigns are run by SUPERPAC’s which in realty mean that, the candidate who gets more money from the big economic interests is the winner. Elections are now an auction to the highest bidder for a position, so they can continue playing politics and abusing the people, while increasing their personal wealth. It is important to note that this happens on both sides of the political spectrum. So we face a future with the Senator this or that department store, the representative of a particular labor union and those who are elected by “favors” politicians. In our own backyard it’s the same … a stranglehold by a group of people who only care about their welfare. Public servants who have served the people for many years without real time limits and without any concern about the changes that have occurred in the community. The lack of credibility of these people (and other servers who call themselves leaders) have turned our community in a discussion, division, discrimination and disorder. Here also the interests and political favors have begun to move, and the imposition of force against other groups is starting to show. We have a group of so called leaders who are so blind that they cannot see beyond their own interests. We see leaders who now go out and actively participate in events, and after the election will not be seen until the next one. These are leaders who for years have presented their face of “heroes” to the community, when in fact what they do is manipulate the people in their favor. There are also people of other nationalities posing as leaders of the Hispanic community, when in fact what they have done for years is use the community to its economic favor. How long will people with blinders on? Are we so used to let us be bought and fooled by these false leaders?
It’s time to think clearly about what you really want; can people who pose as leaders, people who only seek their welfare through manipulation? It is time for us to demand respect and not be part of this        “ELECTAUCTIONS “. Trust your heart, not the words of politicians. They do not like you.

I’ll leave it at that……


Luis Lopez

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