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 There are a lot of stupid supremacists that don’t get it. Other idiots s cry “bilingual discrimination” (maybe that is why they are idiots in the first place). This nation is changing to a bilingual nation, like it or not. Yes, we speak English in this country, but let’s be realistic; you can’t and won’t stop the growth of our diverse population, especially Hispanics. According to a 2010 survey from CareerBuilder and USA Today, employers are looking to hire a diverse workforce in the interest to appeal to an assorted consumer base. Job candidates who are bilingual in both English and another language prove to be appealing to broadening companies, and many of these jobs have bilingual pay differentials, which, according to Salary.com, range between 5 and 20 percent more pay per hour.

So, if you want to get ahead, maybe you need to learn a second language. But, let’s look at on the bright side, according to an article from Academia21.com, learning a second language has many other advantages:

Aside from the general travel and career advantages that can come with a person’s ability to speak more than one language, there are particular psychological and linguistic benefits that are simultaneously found. These include enhanced cognitive flexibility (including divergent thinking and the ability to think conceptually), as well as improvements in verbal abilities and reasoning.

Additional benefits of learning another language are:

  • A heightened sensitivity to language
  • Greater flexibility in thinking
  • An improved ear and propensity for listening
  • A greater understanding and appreciation of the native language
  • Greater exposure and insight into other cultures


So, there is only one way to go, you must accept the fact that learning another language is for your own good. Otherwise, you will stay behind. Its time you open yourself to the reality of a global market, be smarter, and unleash you potential. Believe me, it works!!

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