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Yes, early voting has started and its time you make a decision: Who to vote for and why vote?

After all, this campaign is has been more focused in ideology more than solutions, it has been about who attacks who and in what ways. It has boiled down to who is the one who is the least of an ideologue and more of a ‘human facilitator of real solutions”. That is the choice we have.

The question is, should we vote for these options? SURE. It is the only way that the people (even though politicians will not pay attention, especially, using a word from Ann Coulter, the
“retards” in Congress.) will be heard. But definitely, you should vote and there are valid reasons, including the following:*

1. Casting a vote allows an individual to express a choice among candidates who wish to become government leaders. It’s up to each voter to locate available information about each candidate and to make an informed decision about how to vote. Rather than allowing potential leaders to hide weaknesses and wrong-doing from public awareness, a democratic voting process urges citizens to get involved and to share viewpoints about who should lead. Few people truly remain oblivious to government leadership. Most have opinions about the way things should go, and they should use the voting process to express their preferences.

2. Voting provides a medium for citizens to support the democratic structure. If a majority of citizens chose not to vote, democracy might become a thing of the past, replaced by another form of government that might prove more elitist in nature.

3. Supporting the electoral process helps to reinforce your regional government. Showing that you care with your vote tells candidates that they must be accountable to the public. It also suggests that those who introduce issues for a vote must provide adequate information to answer citizens’ questions and address their concerns rather than attempt to foist a half-baked idea onto the general public.

4. Showing up at the poll on voting day sets a good example to others. Remember, your children observe all that you do and will learn from your example, right or wrong as it may be. Civic awareness is an important part of their training and one of the early steps on the road to maturity. Discuss the candidates with your family and make a point of mentioning your vote, or wearing the pin distributed at many polls that reads “I voted today.” Voting also sets a positive example to neighbors, friends, and family who may be uninterested in or unfamiliar with the electoral system.

5. Finally, taking time to vote reflects pride in your nation and its government. The country becomes a beacon of liberty for the rest of the world who will be watching. Let everyone know that you care enough about your homeland and its leaders to have a say in the election’s outcome. Never surrender your right to speak your mind via the vote on Election Day.

So, there you have it, get out there and vote! Read, study, and follow your gut feeling with an informed decision. That will give you the right to criticize whoever wins, which we hope will be the American people and not the ideologues.

See you next week. OH! Sorry about last week…we were “under the weather”, so to speak.

*source: http://www.essortment.com/should-vote-60856.html:



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