My way number 2 There are leaders…..and leaders!!

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I read something the other day about the lack of leaders in the Hispanic community and I thought: Is it true?

After making an analysis, I concluded that there is confusion between what are leaders and “leaders” that are dictators or sellouts. The dictionary definition of leader is: A leader is a person who guides others toward a common goal, showing the way by example, and creating an environment in which team members feel actively involved throughout the process. If that is the definition of a leader, we must establish the differences. You can identify with these classifications.
We will list those who are leaders and those who are not:
1. The leader of an organization that has perpetuated in power and that is the only person who makes all the decisions (with some exceptions) … this is not a leader, it’s a bossy dictator.
2. The leader who calls himself or herself the representative of the whole community, but what it does is play politics … this is not a leader, it’s a sellout.
3. He who says he is the leader and shows up for the community only once every 4 years …  you can’t possibly think this is a leader.
4. He who says he is a leader and he hides behind big corporate interests … nothing else to say, a big sellout.
5. He who despises the other groups from other countries and offends them because the people of his country are “bosses”…. definitely not self-conscious leader. This is a dictator and dictating boss!

However, there are leaders here who truly serve this community in a selfless way and without expecting anything in return. Their desire to be agents of change goes beyond their personal ambitions. If you look carefully, you can find the. Do not be fooled by the leaders as previously described.  These people are not interested in you.  They only want to serve themselves. Search and find out ….you will find that there are leaders that are worth supporting! I’ll leave the rest to you.


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