My way 29: What is more important, quality of information, or quality of looks?

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What is more important, quality of information, or quality of looks?

In a material, retrograde, idiotic world that we live in, it is interesting to see how the new generations have lost touch with reality.  I just read a story of a new anchor of a television station. This guy presented the news flawlessly, well informed, trustworthy information. The very next day, frustration came because, after efforts to prepare and present quality news to the viewers, ALL the calls received to the station were not about the quality of the newscast, they were all about the appearance of the person. That audience was more concerned about the straightness and color of his teeth, or the roundness of his belly or lack of muscle tone on his upper arms instead of the stories he was reporting.

I agree with someone that made a comment stating that stated as follows: “Television did this to themselves – and it calls into question their credibility, their thought processes, their motivations – because that is what lead them to put “cuteness” on the air. It is why I do not generally pay much attention to television broadcast news. Television news went to being READ by good-looking, talking ‘on-air’ heads. “

Recently there was another case where Television anchorwoman Jennifer Livingston of WKBT-TV in La Crosse responded to a viewer who wrote her an email criticizing her weight. “It was meant to hurt my feelings,” she said on the “CBS Morning Show.”  “To shame me into losing weight.  And in my opinion, that’s a bully.”

In her original on-air response, she warned that bullying is learned by children from adults and that if “you are at home talking about this fat lady” on TV, “your kids are probably going to go to school and call someone fat.”

So now, do we want to look at a “body of information” or just a “body”? It is another sad case of business vs. .information. Why do we allow the media to impose this kind of nonsense?

I think we have to teach our future generations that information is power, not “bimboformation”. Not that good looking women and men aren’t good looking and smart, but that combination is not seen frequently. Let’s get it together!! See you next week!



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