MY WAY 11: The Governor of Florida and trade missions…what a poor combination… Kudos TIA!

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The Governor continues to misrepresent Floridians. His latest “screw up” was in Spain. Imagine making comments to King Juan Carlos about his problems regarding the famous elephant hunt for which he had to apologize to all Spaniards (to see the report from Fox News visit: http://bit.ly/KfHddf). Yes, I agree, in these days and we are still talking about monarchy….how ridiculous!! But the Governor showed the first rule of sales: Keep your customers happy! It’s a disgrace to have such an alleged “leader” directing a trade mission with absolutely no knowledge of protocol of diplomatic policy. He thinks he is so above the rest of the people, that he does not have any respect for people from other countries. He has been the “clown” of all the Spanish comedians in the last days. He surely demonstrated that he is not capable of achieving anything off the coast of Key West.  His incompetence has been demonstrated again. I am thinking the business people and officials that traveled with him had a good laugh and a lot of catching up to do if they think that they will do business with Spain. Yes Florida, this is our governor. Next time a mission is out to visit other countries for commercial trades….a word of advice: DON’T INVITE HIM!

On the other hand, KUDOS to the management of TIA. We now have direct flights to Switzerland, the flights to Cuba and to Puerto Rico are total successes! From Tampa to Cuba, a total of 7,775 passengers arrived and departed from TIA to Cuba. The flights to Puerto Rico are reporting about 500 passengers daily, and more to come. That’s why we have one of the best airports in the nation.  See you next week!

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