My Way Number 7 ….A NEW TIME FOR UNIONS?

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As you well know, every week we try to make you think about the important things that happen around us.  Very few have commented about this, I think it’s important…

Did you know that on April 30th (this date could change), a new rule for all businesses that fall under the National Labor Relations Act (including states like Florida) must display an 11 x 17 inch poster that states that employees have the right to form unions in order to obtain fair benefits. Think of this, unions have been a fixture of our “supposed democracy” for decades. They have somewhat faded, especially in the South, but apparently, things are about to change.

In this era of supposed freedom of speech, of religion and others, we now have added to the freedom of assembly the right to form unions. This could represent a whole new way of seeing business and how hiring and firing procedures, as well as other matters will be managed in the future.

Does this mean that the big labor unions will take over workers everywhere, even those that do not want to be part of it?  Think about it…is this good or bad?

My 2 cents on this matter: I believe that unions are formed due to management greed, there lack of capacity and poor management. If you as a business owner are fair and just to your employees, promote teamwork, treat them with respect and benefit all equally, you have nothing to worry about it. If you are a selfish businessperson, greedy, disrespectful and only believe in your personal gains and never in the other families you help support;  good luck negotiating with the unions or get ready to close your doors. It’s a matter of self-justice to all and others, not only to you.  For more information, visit www.NLRB.gov.

See you next week.

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