My Way Number 4: The existential void of people

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The existential void of people

 A sociologist considers the origin of the existential void to the extent that the individual finds limited its ‘will to meaning’ (Frankl) or natural search of a rationale for his life and the things that happen. Last week we talked about our society and how distant and disconnected are some people with  the rest of society. However, if we go by the definition described above, power, shame, lack of respect for others, consumerism, superficiality and little sense of community that exists is what has led us through time, producing this limitation of the will to meaning. Supposedly we are a country of laws but for whom? Who benefits from the laws? Is there equality? I think if there is equality, we would not speak of an existential void. We constantly strive in finding solutions and do not resolve most problems that plague our communities. Most people make and do what others do. However, the existential void remains and deepens, because the more you want to “fill”, the bigger it gets. Indeed, we are “victims of the system in doing what anyone else says” … Think about it … All systems point to a society that does what someone else says and the other agreements “hide” in an event called the elections. But in reality, you choose, and they do what they want, not for you or me, but for them. It has come to a point where one of the most important values in life is afected: family. You read in the press every day about death, murder, suicide, drugs, racism and other events denoting the existential emptiness of society caused by the interests of a few.
Psychologist Dr. Marco Eduardo Murueta believes that lasting change requires the implementation of other measures which involve society as a whole. For example, speaks of creating a new work culture in which the worker is seen  as a human being with emotions  needed in order to  live more with his family, not to mention the value that would help people learn to enrich and respect relationships, and to make intelligent use of emotions.
The philosopher and psychologist concluded that it would be useful for society to create “viable and also uplifting ways to reach the political arena, where debates are reduced to looking for ‘who is the worst.” I think that instead of this, we should begin to generate proposals as to the creation of “schools for parents’, where parents are taught how to deal with their problems and develop new educational models that make the kids be more participatory in their community, or by which couples learn to be better and work together in our workplaces. Yes there is possibility to make a difference, and although not easy, at least we must try. ”
That is why if we don’t work together, 99% of our existence is an existential void.

I will leave it there. Until next week.

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