MY WAY 26: 150 Years of the Abolishment of Slavery….really?

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150 Years of the Abolishment of slavery….really?

This month of September, marks the 150th anniversary of the abolishment of slavery, but even with all these efforts, slavery continues here in the United States; it continues in underpaid farm workers, underpaid restaurant workers, drug “mules”, hotel workers, and many others. Human trafficking continues worldwide and seems to be unstoppable.

But there is one reason for this, a main reason. It’s called GREED.  As a matter of fact, greed is the principal destroyer of society as we know it. There is nothing wrong about being prosperous and successful; but if your success and prosperity is based on the exploitation of others the bank worth net is good, but the moral values bank is at a negative. Those that practice this type of “prosperity by exploitation” do not deserve our respect, these people are really despicable. Someone told me once, are you against rich people? My answer was, “if you work hard, you are fair to others and you become prosper, I am the first one to applaud you efforts”. But you and I know that is not always the case. Riches in this country are unfairly distributed, and some of those that have more, have exploited humanity to reach their goals.

 You might say, life is not fair….probably because we have never done anything about it for ourselves. We should assume a more positive attitude, denounce the abuses of some of the powerful and wealthy, and work hard, without greed, to leave a better world for our children. Just think about it. See you next week.

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